Xander Xue

Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey and Department of Genetics

Rutgers University

604 Allison Road

Piscataway, NJ 08854

xanderxue at gmail dot com

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My research interests consist of developing and applying novel comparative phylogeographic and population genomic methods. I am a post-doc with Professor Andrew D. Kern and am currently working on a project that entails utilizing a machine learning approach, specifically "deep learning" convolutional neural networks, for detecting selective sweeps, notably partial/incomplete sweeps that are presently in progress. This methodological development is being applied to whole-genome data for eight Anopheles mosquito populations to infer genomic responses to insecticide use, which will be used to inform malaria management.

For my PhD , which I recently finished under the supervision of Professor Michael J. Hickerson, I primarily developed hierarchical co-demographic modeling approaches given genomic-scale data across multiple independent taxa. In addition, I investigated the effect of purifying selection on transposable elements, and in turn genomic architecture, in model vertebrate organisms within a comparative demographic framework.

During my undergraduate education, I was a guest researcher under the supervision of Professor Jeffrey L. Boore at the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute in Walnut Creek, CA. Here, I contributed to a primate phylogeny project through wet-lab work and basic upstream bioinformatics.

Subsequently, I was a restoration ecology intern under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Laymon for the American Conservation Experience and U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management in the California Central Valley. Here, I participated in a research study on the effects of grazing on kangaroo rat and horned lizard populations by conducting small mammal trapping and performing walking lizard population surveys.

​Prior to my PhD education, I was a New York City Teaching Fellow, where I earned my Masters of Science for Teachers degree under the supervision of Professor James F. Kilbane and worked as a secondary school teacher in NYC public middle schools and high schools. During this time, I taught middle school mathematics and science for special education and high school biology and science for English Language Learners.